Our family is very thankful to have found St John’s Preschool for our boys. The teachers and administrator have a true passion for teaching children and sharing God’s love. Our oldest son feels important and loved which we believe to be so vital for a preschooler. Not to mention, he absolutely loves his teacher. He enjoys art, nature lab, music lunch bunch and yoga. We are confident in sending our youngest to St John’s in the fall as he starts school.

~4K Family

_ _ _


Preschool is the first opportunity to cultivate a child's natural desire to learn and finding a well balanced preschool is very important. St. Johns Preschool ignites each child's inner spark with love and encouragement. They challenge and excite kids with exposure to handwriting, art, math, science, yoga, social etiquette and kindness. Above all, St. John’s Preschool knows just how important it is to strengthen a child's confidence and self esteem and to provide them with an inspiring school experience to start them on their educational journey. As a parent I am so thankful to say that because of St. John’s Preschool, my child is more than ready for kindergarten. She loves school, has a passion for learning and a valuable confidence in herself. Thank you to all the wonderful women at St. Johns for such a great experience.


~Rachel M. 4K Mom

 _ _ _

Our family adores St. John's Preschool. We have two kiddo's who have taken the 3's program and we love it each time for different reasons. My eldest who is now 4 thrived in the social and educational setting that allowed for open dialogue about God, religion, heaven and many other topics that young people are genuinely interested in talking about when exposed to the topics! We love it! It was a much needed stepping stone for my oldest and I am so glad we had the opportunity to take advantage of something so great in our very own community. We currently have our youngest enrolled and again it's a much needed social exposure and educational step that is much needed and we are grateful. I highly recommend! Smile

~ Abbey Comp



St. John's Preschool was such a blessing to our family. Our daughter started with St. John's with the early 3's program. This was Willa's first experience with any form of being away from mom and attending school. We could not of asked for anything better. We watched our daughter grow in so many ways. Making new friends, learning new songs, nursery rhymes, Bible stories and much more. Mrs. Wagner was caring and loving and gave the care that children needed. Mrs.Rickinger was always there to answer questions and very caring with Willa as well. Would recommend this Preschool to everyone who is looking for a great start into the Preschool world. We feel so blessed to have called St. John's Preschool Willa's first school.

~ The Glisczinski Family


It has been wonderful experience in St. John’s Preschool for my daughter’s first school in the United States.Although my daughter doesn’t speak English well, she is learning what she needs to succeed in school. Her teachers are caring and provide a lot of learning activities. Learning comes automatically. That’s happening here. Thank you to her teachers and the Administrator.

~ Three Year Old Student and Parents


We originally chose St. John’s because someone in my mom’s group recommended them. From the first visit we knew it was where we wanted our twins to go.  They are fall birthdays so started in the Early Three’s program and are now in their third year at the Preschool in the Kindergarten Readiness class.   It has been such a great experience for them.  They have really spread their wings and learned so much.  They want to go to school every day!  The teachers are so caring and really make the experience special for each child.  I feel our twins are so well prepared for kindergarten next year, and it will be a very smooth transition.  Our family will truly miss everyone next year as our big 5 year olds move on.   It has been such a wonderful 3 years and St. John’s will always hold a special place in our hearts.

~ The Neylon Family



My son Henry started St. John’s Preschool after winter break.  From the start the kindness and compassion shown to us was so appreciated.  We were invited to participate in a class and were told the kids were really excited.  The teachers even incorporated how to welcome a new friend into the classroom. The class size is much smaller than the school Henry came from and he loves it!  I have noticed a difference from Day 1.  When I pick him up he talks about his day, his teachers and friends, he is singing songs he learned and loves to teach us his Yoga moves. It is a very nurturing environment.  When I pick him up he is happy.  I thank St. John’s Preschool for their loving disposition and the kindness and patience they show to Henry.

~ Louise R.



My son has had a wonderful beginning in his school career with St. John’s.  The teachers are awesome, knowledgeable and very kind.  They helped him in tremendous ways.  He has matured and learned many skills in Preschool.  As a family we are very grateful to St. John’s Preschool for helping him.  He loves going to school!

~ Parent of an Early 3 year old student



We had the choice of sending our daughter to our school district’s 4K program or keeping her at St. John’s for 4K.  We are thrilled that she went to St. John’s for 4K.  Our daughter has flourished this year.  The class size was small so she got a lot of attention from her two teachers.  She also had classes in yoga and music which our school district didn’t offer in 4K.  We feel that she is more than prepared to start Kindergarten.  We wish St. John’s had a Kindergarten program too!

~ Ryan & Krista K.

April 01, 2020


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